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Flight Tracking

Flight Aware Has flight arrival and departure per airport, nice map showing location and weather, initial update info is slow but then stays very current with position and flight data, 3D with download

Flight Explorer Has airport weather, flight plan, status stays current, actual aircraft positioning is less defined but nice simple map with some topography

FlyteComm Has airport select, easy to use, enroute aircraft data is quick and position data is less precise but good with  weather



NWO Briefing


Favorite planes, JU52 for troops, B25H for heavy bombing, P38L for light bombing and fighting, C205 dog fighting, and the P51D for ripping it up.

Flight computer is an IBM 8305-61U, the power supply was replaced with an Antec 500 watt Smart Power 2.0 to power the BFG Technologies Nvidia GeForce 7800 GS OC and the 2 memory slots changed to SimpleTech PC3200 DDR400 1GB each.

CAUTION, clicking on photo opens a large file of 1.2MB

STS-116 insignia


NASA site with J-Track, excellent for real-time satellite tracking

Outside of Warbirds, I am a private pilot and dream about my favorite jet, which is  the T38 Talon.


Last update 12/02/2006

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