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IRLP update!! NODE 4697 is operational and using 444.850 +5 PL114.8 for now. No repeater, simplex link using an offset.


Waupaca, Wisconsin


Maxtrac UHF link radio

Compaq Pentium 3, 1 GHz, 512 Ram

Omron relay, red LED is the fan indicator and the green LED is  the node connected status.

The IRLP node is a Maxtrac UHF link radio with a small coverage area in Waupaca, Wisconsin. Location map

Enter the node number to connect and 73 to disconnect.

My experience with Linux and IRLP is just beginning so if you have any helpful hints or suggestions or scripts please use the link below and send them over. 

We might be hanging out on the 9210 reflector channel 1 so check the web page or stop by the 9211 to see. If we are, we'll be glad to hear from you.


0*1 4340 KD4RAA Danny
0*2 4954 KI4HZP Sonny
0*3 4055 KG4YJB Rob
0*4 4727 N9OEQ Charles
#0 9210 Raleigh reflector  
#1 9211 Where we hang out!  
#5 9250 Western Reflector  
#9 9219 IRLP/Echolink  
*0   Force ID a  
**   Force ID  
00   Connect status  
*69   Last node  
73   Disconnect  
36   Time  
100 101 Aux 1 off/on  
200 201 Aux 2 off/on  
300 301 Aux 3 txfan manual off/on  

Click on the number for node information and status at IRLP.

IRLP reflector status!!

Would like to see IRLP information added to the travel pages, similar to how the NC_to_DC page is or it  could  be incorporated into the NC to WI page differently that is primarily Echolink now. Our group has added IRLP nodes so it will be good to have the information for both while traveling.

I would like to thank all of the excellent people that have helped with development and improvement at and for the various sites.

Streaming audio, Ki4HZP is usually connected via Echolink and/or IRLP to AA9NV.

Listen to the K4SLB/R
Repeater Live!
If it errors out it streaming is off-line

  Listen to the Ki4HZP/R
Repeater Live! Location
If it errors out it streaming is off-line

Speakeasy Speed Test

Please email if you would like to see something specific posted!

Email AA9NV


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