This is a low band split GE Mastr II station conversion for use in the ham band. The receiver has been modified. The 4EX3A-11 standard test set and a Simpson 260. LBI's are being accumulated and read.

The unit is / was a S3D040TFURB

S3 = Mastr II

D = 30" Desk Mate

040 = 40 Watts

T = Tone Remote

F = 4/4 TX-RX Frequency number

U = CG Channel Guard

R = 406-420 (modified)




In storage, needs work, long story with some of it posted on the .675 page.

Any thoughts about the station, please email aa9nv at arrl dot net,

Thank you very much.

IDA: LBI-31807D

Tentatively going to use one of my Sinclair or 526-4-2 duplexers.