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        GE Mastr II:        


6 Meter





Maybe just a parts machine, time will tell. The manual came with and is for the machine.

The manual came with and is for the machine.

Cards - regulator is missing, Exciter is gone, Receiver, what is the little card?

Rear of the card shelf, power supply

Extra supply


Another batch of Mastr II units in various states from complete to missing parts.

MastrII cards



These channel elements can be re-crystaled

Johnson CR1010 on 453 MHZ - TPL PA,  power supply has some hum but I am told that it is probably normal, Channel Elements or ICOMs that are re-crystallable, see following note:

"You will need to look at the elements with the solder tab pointing away from you and you are looking at the trim holes, is the trimmer on the right or left side? If the trimmer is on the left side, the osc has surface mount components and we can not fix them. So we do not choose to make crystals for them because most customers can not fix them. ICM"



Midland Repeater on 461 MHZ - Syntech II, possible PA issue, it doesn't engage on key up, fuse seems ok but didn't spend any time on the unit. Have another PA so barring any obvious issues the next session at the shop I will change it out. Any ideas, please email :) aa9nv at arrl.net

May have a few more of these coming in, if they don't play in the ham band well, they should be fine as GMRS units.



The first two pictures are of an R100 parts machine - bad PA but very clean unit, the last two pictures are of an R100 that may have the transmitter stuck on. I powered it up and after the initial cycling it keys up and stays keyed. Should try and reprogram the machine, seems I did this with another unit and it was fine. Hmmm.

Have one more of these, it is tuned for 444.675 but could be easily moved. The JAUX interface is handy, only thing is pulling an active PL/COR is a bit more work. Gray wire going to the back plane. This one is wired for an external controller, two additional leads to the JAUX.


Sinclair Duplexers

Sinclair 3330C

Sinclair Q3330E duplexer

Celwave Duplexer

Celwave 526

TXRX Duplexer

TXRX 28-70-09

Good clean up helped the appearance. Didn't look very good on the analyzer at first and started with checking the connections. One of the BNC's were very loose, tightened the one and checked the rest, tested and now matches the specifications on the label.



Working on this one as it arrived a mess, originally came in with bad solder connections, the ground on the power out coax wasn't connected, and the final resistor is a 4XX instead of the 100 OHm 2 watt according to the manual. The 100 OHm on the inputs is a Metal Oxide, ordered the same thing. The txrx relay wasn't mounted on its pins, they were pulled out because the ground and transmit coax weren't correctly placed.

Power Supples

TPL power supply - same as an Aston RM50M, one of these was running the Waupaca station even with a Milcom amp pulling a load.

Boards, Rack plug in, Preamps

Maratrac 6m RF board - 4101B, Geist rack surge protector and plug in, Angle Linear Preamps

        Service Monitors:


HP8924C, RF test cables, Tracking Generator / Spectrum analyzer

Unit has its own page with many interior photos here HP8924C

IFR A-7550

Batteries installed.





25 watt soldering iron

Have used these for years and they work very well for many projects from small discrete component work to installing connectors to soldering covers on small metal boxes. Never had an iron failure and a few have been mildly abused and operated for long hours.



Soldering station - iron

One of the absolute best investments ever made for working on electronics.

This unit is perfect for working on circuit boards, connected control wiring, installing LED's, etc.

Another very nice feature, this unit heats to operating temperature in less than two minutes. It also maintains temperature very well, even when pushed to heat a larger area than it should, outstanding.

This is a recommended buy for anybody doing component level circuit board work.



        Handy Talkies:

Yaesu and Motorola

VX-177, VX-170, GP300, P1225 LS

Programming the GP300's is pretty easy. The 8 channel units are easily converted to 16 channels except for the 00 or narrow band uhf unit, it would only take 12 channels. Will look into it more later on.


Motorola Manuals

GE Manuals

Not sure I will continue the madness. The data listed below is for just this last picture of two manuals. That is a lot of numbers and typing.

Local Control Intermittent Duty Station LBI4785G

LBI4728H - 25-50 MHz exciter 19D416659G1 - 8

- Intermittent Duty PA Assembly 19C321295G5 - 8

- Continuous Duty PA Assembly 19D417955G5 - 8

LBI30019B - 25-50 MHz Receiver

LBI30105 - Description and Maintenance

LBI4989 - RF Amplifier - 19D416478G1 - G4 & G10 - G13, Mixed/IF Assembly - 19C320094G1 - G4

LBI4993 - Oscillator / Multiplier Board - 19D423078G1 - G8

LBI4986 - IF Audio & Squelch Board - 19D417707G1, G2, and 19D432667G1, G2

LBI30867C Base Station 60Hz Power Supply - 19D430272G1, G2, G4, G5 (hum suppression options 9647 - 9650)

LBI4935E - Series 659 & 759 Mastr Local Controller and Local Controller Extension


Auxiliary Receiver in Wall-Mount Cabinet LBI30773B - 19D417546G9 & G10

LBI30113 - Description and Maintenance

LBI30032 - RF Assemblies 406 - 512 MHz - 19D417057G9 - G38 & 19B233690G1 - G20, Mixer and RF Filter Board - 19C320523G2 - G3 & 19C331148G1 - G2

LBI30029 - Oscillator / Multiplier Board - 19D423266G1 - G10

LBI4986 - IF Audio and Squelch Board - 19D417707G1 - G2 & 19D432667G1 - G2

LBI30025C - 406-512 MHz Osc/Mult 19D423266G1 - 8

- IF-Fltr - 19C320523G1

- IFAS 19D417707G1

- RF ASM 19D417075G9 - G12

LBI4743J - Channel Guard - 19D417261G1 - 6

G1-encode/decode one tone, G2-encode/decode 2-8 tones, G3-encode one tone, G4-encode 2-8 tones, G5-encode/decode two (1 encode and 1 decode), G6-decode one tone

LBI31052 - Multi-Tone Channel Guard - 19D432689G1 - 5

G1-Multitone encode/decode, G2-Multitone encode only, G3-Multitone decode only, G4-Multitone encode/decode with de-emphasis, G5-Multitone encode with de-emphasis

LBI31056 - Programmable Channel Guard - 19D432500G1 - G3

G1-single tone encode/decode, G2-single tone encode only, G3-single tone decode only

Cool little device - Channel Guard Extender Board - 19C320966G

Has three switches for PTT bridge, Encode disable and RX CG disable



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