The Waupaca repeater transmitter has been changed out and is back on the air thanks to KB9MRR and KC9KSQ.

The operators are warming up the airwaves so log in and help them out. :)

DTMF code Command action   DTMF code Command Action




00# TX current info file   *0* Auto-connect toggle
00* TX time   *71* TX quick connect slower text
77* TX node status   55* Reconnect last node
88* TX help file   73* Disconnect
*70* TX station info file   74* Disconnect all
411 Quick Connect info  

Node operation


    Node busy toggle
99* TX current WX     Node Quiet
44* TX WX forecast     Link down
98* Verify WX warning   777 Link up
*99* WWV space weather   510 Listen only off
*79* TX the WX warning     Listen only on
*75* *76*       Text message toggle
Quick Links for AA9NV-L*   Quick Links for AA9NV-R*
0*2 *WX-TALK*   0*1 N9QIP-R
0*3 *ORLANDO*   0*3 *ORLANDO*
0*4 K4SLB-R   0*4 K4SLB-R
0*5 N4GUS-R   0*5 KC9KIW
0*7 KI4HZP-R   0*7 KI4HZP-R
0*8 KB9MRR   0*8 KB9MRR
0*9 AA9NV-R   0*9 AA9NV-L
* All quick links toggle for connect and disconnect. Example, enter the 0*9 and it will connect, enter 0*9 again and it will disconnect.

For the QIP connection, all other stations need to be disconnected first, then connect to QIP, then connect to any other stations.

Quick links are adjustable and easy to reset, let me know if you would like one set up.



0*1 4340 KD4RAA Danny
0*2 4954 KI4HZP Sonny
0*3 4055 KG4YJB Rob
0*4 4727 N9OEQ Charles
#0 9210 Raleigh reflector  
#1 9211 Where we hang out!  
#5 9250 Western Reflector  
#9 9219 IRLP/Echolink  
Node   Connect  
73   Disconnect  


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